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Tag Heuer Replica UK

I have tried numerous times to order the men's tag heuer replica automatic diamond bezel gold dial diamond marking #2624 with my master card. I called my credit card company and they said they have not declined my card that it is your company that is having the issue. I keep getting payment failed R0000: Highrisk. Why can I not order this tag heuer replica uk and why doen't your company have paypal?

I had read on the internet site that this tag heuer replica uk is a Asia automatic movement. But I wanted to know the name of the company that made that movement. Is it made by Seagull in china or Miata in Japan or some other company and what is the caliber number of that movement? Because if I had to order spare parts in future I would need that information.

The fees are showing as taken by yourselves not by my bank, if they were taken by your bank then you should have made me aware of this at the time of purchasing. There was no mention of any additional fees on the website. I was never informed of this. Please issue me a partial refund or some form of compensation as i believe i have been mis-sold and led to believe that a price was not all as it seems. This is the order confirmation email i received after my tag heuer replica uk . No where on it does it state the additional fees. You have taken these out of my bank without my permission.

Thank you for your reply. The tag heuer replica uk I bought from you was £ 160 approximately and only lasted 3 months before it stopped working, so I did not want to pay anymore. I do not mind paying for the carriage each way which would be about £30 I would think. If I pay you £30, will you send me the tag heuer replica without any extra charges please? If you will then please send me a payment email and I will pay it immediately. Please then send the replica watches sale urgently.


Received my bands of the tag heuer replica sale today, the 1 at 22mm highly polished is perfect the 1 for my super ocean 21333 band pictured didn't arrive. They sent me another polished s/steel band. Can you look in to it pls and send the right one I paid 40 pound I would like what I paid for can you also see if my replacement IWC watch is ready to be sent back also . I await your e-mail. It gets worse the new band of the tag heuer replica watches uk he sent me for the 1st one I paid for the 22mm highly polished is to short just can't seem to get it right can we . Tracey just send me the tag heuer replica watches uk to replace mine I sent back and send the band of super ocean swiss replica watches sale 21333 as in the pictures attached thank you !

It's not exactly the one I was hoping for, you definitely don't have mine in stock? What is your return policy if I get it and it's not to my liking? I do really like the other one better, but this one is nice as well. Let me know about the return policy and then I will let you know if okay to send the tag heuer replica watches. Also, will you send me a tracking number? I am getting a little worried that I have not heard anything from you. I bought some tag heuer replica watches on 24th November and have heard nothing since. I have written twice asking for a tracking number for my shipment but none has been provided to me, even though it says on the website that one will be given. It is being sent to the Cayman Islands.