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I'm leaving town the end of next week so i need to please have my cartier replica uk order to my address by latest next thursday. I'm willing to pay for additional shipping if necessary but it does not offer it. Please send this cartier replica out asap so i can get it on time, and if it's not possible i understand but i will not be here to receive the package and will have to return the cartier replica order. so please do not send it out if you cannot ship and have it here before next friday. Thank you for your consideration. Please let me me know if you can ship by email or phone so i can plan accordingly.

That's fine. I have a cartier replica, model 624-3482 with black rubber strap and folding-clasp buckle. The distance between lugs is 11 mm and the clasp of this replica watches sale takes about 19-20 mm. What is the price of the strap? I would suggest to use airmail letter post. This is a cartier replica uk of my collection and I don't have a urgent need to get the strap with express post. I can wait 2 weeks. What payment method do you prefer?

Please confirm u will be refunding £ 209 back to me in the next 24hrs. If not I will have to contact my bank to look into fraudulent activity from your website store. It takes me 24 hrs of work to make £ 209, it may not seem like a lot of money to you but some people earn their money the old fashioned way by doing a hard day of honest work. £ 209 puts food on my table for a month.

I tried to fit the band to the cartier replica watches uk, the pins will not meet the holes in the sides of the mounts! The cartier replica watches uk is a miss match to the bracelet. Just send a new cartier replica watches uk and bracelet longer by 4 links than original and then if I am happy I will send back to you the original with the spare bracelet. Then we will all be happy.


I have already had a new strap of the cartier replica uk that just will not fit to the watch, as to where the strap is fixed to the cartier replica uk, the pins just do not match with the holes in the cartier replica uk. Just send a complete new cartier replica sale complete with long strap. As this is the only way forward, then I will send you the original cartier replica sale and strap that will not fit the watch.

You have taken my money for cartier replica watches that was fitted with a small bracelet. I then ask for a longer replacement, when it arrived a cartier replica uk repairer could not get it to fit. I think you should send a quality replacement then I will return the sub standard cartier replica watches. This is the way forward, as it has been a very long time since I originally received the delivery of the original cartier replica watches. If this is not acceptable credit me my money back, and on receipt of the credit I will return the original cartier replica uk. Not a very good service that I am experiencing with your company after the purchase of goods.