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Breitling Replica UK

Purchased the breitling replica from you on 24 3 12 and still have not received it. Breitling replica sale order number 13325958944588, merchant order number 201120437. So would you send me tracking number as money left my acount on 24 3 12. Many thanks. Sent loads of emails on bagzer web site and no response.

Thanks for your email but i ordered the breitling replica uk on the 24 3 12 and now another delay. Its been nineteen days sinse order was placed and money taken says on web site you should receive the breitling replica uk between four and seven days. And last email i received on the 8 4 12 said it was being sent out that day so my son wont be getting his breitling replica for his birthday, so when it finaly gets sent can you please send me tracking number.

Have received the breitling replica watches uk from you one month. Late opened package to try the breitling replica uk on to see if strap needed shortening. Whent to do clasp up and broke so i took it to local jewellers and to fix. It will cost £ 55.00, so would like to no what you surgest as would still like to carry on buying a few more breitling replica watches. Look forward to your responce.

I have just orderd a breitling replica sale which is breitling milgaus 41 mill at £72.65. Never recieved the link from you about the discount as last breitling replica watch strap was broken, so would you please send out as soon as possible and send me a tracking number and will have to get discount another time or you can send a breitling replica uk as a free gift.


So once the shipment has passed through UK customs, there is no additional tracking? Also, when I purchased the three breitling replica watches from your website, it said that if I were to purchase two breitling replica watches I could get a third one free. I have been charged for all three breitling replica watches. Will I receive a credit for purchasing three breitling replica uk? I just received a notice from the post office that there is a £77.00 customs fee due. I am not willing to pay this fee considering the shipping was free. If you are not willing to cover this fee I will not accept the package. Please reply.

I tried many times to communicate with you and never heard back from anyone. This has been going on since Feb. I have turned this in to my credit card company and had given you more than fair warning about my discontent with your breitling replica sale. This is now out of my hands and in the credit cards hands. Maybe next time a customer tries multiple times to reach your establishment you will get back in less than 4 months.