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So far it's pure fraud . Failed and unwanted transactions are acted on , refunds are not undertaken as promised . The money came out on the 02/11 so in fact there was no need what's over to process the refund the long way , you guys could have just informed your middle company to simply not act on the reserved funds and the monies would have simply become available to myself after a certain period of inactivity . It's all dodgy to me and you have not managed to assuage my concerns here . This is the first time I have had problems with Chinese syndicates . It's usually above board and excellent . You disappointed me and your attitude today was circuitous and ignorant . Send me the rolex replica uk or refund ASAP.

I have been my rolex replica uk order placed back in 19/11/15 I emailed some one last Monday. Could be yourself I was told was dispatch once again but nothing happen. Just been told since I place my rolex replica uk order only excuses . 1) sorry I was in holiday I dispatch ASAP then nothing happen . 2) email you again sorry I was waiting for to confirm . 3) my question to you why you waiting from me to Confirm in which I all ready paid for the goods back in 19/11/15. 4) I need someone or yourself to track my rolex replica uk and soon the package should be in uk . 5) I will be making official complaint and proper investigation regarding your website and misleading customers.

These are the best pictures i can send at the moment, i will try and send better ones later, as you can see the subdials are black ,the back case of the rolex replica watches is solid, the bezel is all black and it is battery quartz, the one i ordered has white subdials, a see through back case, the bezel is black with a silver outer edge and is fully automatic, i would appreciate the correct rolex replica watches being sent to me as soon as possible please.

I checked with parcel force tracking this morning and message was no information on package from Hong Kong. Later this morning package arrived. I don't understand. I don't know how to work the rolex replica sale band do you have any instruction on that??

I will be honest with you, I am really disappointed by your last email asking me to pay another £ 15. I bought the rolex replica uk in October last year. I then sent it back to you as it was faulty. I have since sent you an unbelievable amount of emails trying to find out what is happening with my faulty rolex replica watches uk. I have had a couple of responses that have been really appreciated but nothing confirming when my replacement rolex replica uk would arrive. As you have had my money now for the past 8 months and I have not had a rolex replica uk, I think the best you could offer me is a replacement rolex replicafree of charge and as far as transport costs, the factory should at the very least cover that for not giving us a rolex replica that works. Can I suggest that you send us the replacement rolex replica FOC (please can someone check that it works before shipping, including the wind mechanism to change the time etc) and that any costs are shared by yourself and the factory who you get the watch from. I ask this as you have confirmed that the factory have my rolex replica but have decided not to contact you about what they intend to do about it. Finally re the costs, we have already paid for the rolex replica watches uk in full and have paid to send it back to china, therefore it is extremely unfair and wrong commercially and ethically to ask us to pay for the shipping costs again. I would like to ask if possible if you could call me or I could call you to discuss this further.